For over 40 years Toth Construction has been a sought after contractor for premium quality custom projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Established by Walter F Toth in 1976 with the strong German values to do the highest quality work without compromising integrity. Sons Klaus & Erik have been brought up through all the levels of the business and currently run the daily operations. Leading an exacting and cohesive company, outfitted with especially gifted craftspeople and managers, Toth Construction continues to hold the bar at the highest standards for quality and excellence.

We have two tried and true priorities: Relationships and Service.


We have two tried and true priorities: relationships and service.

These are the mainstays of our business and are the elements of what sets us apart from other contractors.

Our mission is committed to making the process of fulfilling your design as easy and enjoyable as possible. Building your vision should be exciting, not daunting.

We make it happen by developing excellent customer relationships where expectations are clear, trust is predominant and our quality is unsurpassed.


We know that a company is only as good as the people it hires.


Our crew has been assembled carefully.  Each employee is on this team because of an extraordinary skill set grounded in experience, superior craft, and attention to detail.

We're proud of our longstanding relationships with subs, and we bring you the best in the business.  Together, working from a rigorous and meticulous schedule, we deliver one successful project after another.  Customer peace of mind is our proof.


Toth is rich in traditions; among those is Richtfest, an activity we provide for large projects with the raising of the last beam ceremony.  We also celebrate an annual Oktoberfest, as well as participating in many activities.



The Richtfest itself is an old German tradition of having a blessing, or topping- off ceremony when a new house is built.

This celebration was thrown for the workmen who had come into town to assist or build the house for the home owner after the roof had been erected. This was the point where their work was done and they were off to another town for a new project.

The overall point of the Richtfest is to celebrate all of the hard work, and usher in the house with a good blessing. In some towns, it is customary to have the parish Pastor perform a traditional blessing on the house. In other regions it is customary for the home owner to throw the Richtfest. If he chooses not to do so, an old broom is nailed to the gable ridge to show the rest of the town that he was too cheap to do so. Of course, no one would want this, so the Richtfest became a standard which is still done today.

Special Traditions We Practice During Richtfest

The Gable Tree

The tradition of the gable tree is based on it being an almost universal symbol of life.

So therefore the tree is placed high above the house to symbolize the new houses birth and the beginning of its lifespan.

 Two Bottles

There are always two bottles present at a Richtfest, which are key to the ceremony. One bottle is filled with water, salt, pepper, and sometimes herbs. This bottle is broken upon the houses threshold to ensure a full pantry, plenty of food, and prosperity. The second bottle is filled with schnapps. The schnapps is used for a toast to bring good spirits and good health to the house and its Owners.


The Richtspruch is a speech traditionally given by the Baumeister (General Contractor here) in which the house is blessed as well as toasts given to the trades people and craftsmen who have built it. Everyone present participates in the toasts and congratulates the new Home Owner.

Beam Raising

If possible, it is fun to raise the last framing member into place as part of the topping-off. Richtfest attendees sign the beam and write good wishes on it, prior to its raising. It is believed that these good wishes become part of the house and stay with it through its lifespan.








Sticking with our German roots and traditions, Toth celebrates Oktoberfest in grand style. This gives all of us at Toth Construction the opportunity to thank and honor our clients, architects, designers, subcontractors, and vendors that we have worked with, past and present.


Toth Construction projects have been published in numerous local and national publications, including LUXE, Better Homes and Garden, Pacific Northwest Magazine, Seattle Homes and Lifestyles, This Old House, and Vogue.

For press inquiries, please contact Toth Construction directly.

LUXE Magazine PNW 2018 May/June Issue

"Heart and Soul”

A dream team of design pros puts their all into creating a light-filled new home for a client in search of a fresh start. They created a traditional-styled home with a modern twist. Extensive millwork and moldings and dark-oak floors being a classic vibe to the airy, open-plan interior.

Pacific Northwest Magazine – Seattle Times, March 12, 2017 issue

"Citizens of the World"

After decades of work with the U.S. Foreign Service, a couple retires to a globally inspired LEED – Gold certified home.

Luxe Magazine PNW 2017 Home Builder and Remodelers Elite Profile

"Toth Construction is a happy story of the American dream"

Founded in 1976 by German immigrant Walter Toth, the firm quickly gained a reputation for honesty, quality and hard work.


Luxe Magazine PNW July/August 2016 Issue

"Perfected Past"

Unexpected elements and open spaces foster a present day appeal in a Seattle 1921 home that was renovated for a young family seeking both comfort and authenticity.

Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine - May, 2016

"The Transformers"

Stuart Silk and "the dream team" dramatically reconfigure every square foot of this family home in The Highlands.

To view this project, please go to the Portfolio tab and view the The Highlands project.


Luxe Magazine / Pacific Northwest Fall 2015

"Tailor Made"

After living in a traditional Tudor-style residence, a retired Seattle businessman was ready for another approach, "I wanted a home that was different and reflected a new phase of my life."

To view this project, please go to the Portfolio tab and view the Madison Park II project.

Luxe Magazine / Pacific Northwest Spring 2015

"Light Show"

Windows in this home are brought up all the way to the ceiling plane, so that the rooms could become "reflectors of light."  When you look at the window design you see quiet and peaceful.  Creating a seamless detail that appease very simple required a lot of consideration.

To view this project, please go to the Portfolio tab and view the Broadmoor IV project.

USA Bathroom Trends Volume 30, #4 - May, 2014

"Down the Garden Path"

The garden casts a spell on this master suite in a new Georgian-style house, with colors, patterns and textiles influenced by the view beyond the windows. One of the most noticeable features is a floral tile pattern on the bathroom floor, designed by Kylee Shintoffer. Swirling stems, sprigs and dragonflies are created by different colored mosaic tiles, including Calacatta Gold, onyx and other marble types.

To view this project, please go to the Portfolio tab and view the Broadmoor III project.

Olson Kundig Architects [Storefront] - 2011-2013

"Wonderland: Shaking Up Reality"

Olson Kundig, in collaboration with Reel Grrls, invited the community to take part in a month-long media making event. Visitors were able to participate in the film-making process by choosing miniature snow sets built by Reel Grrls? artists, which were then projected inside a human-scale globe as a background for cinematic play. Toth Construction build the life size snow globe for this eve.

Luxe Magazine Volume XII Issue 1 / Winter, 2014   - Gold List Edition

"Sounding Board"

Active owner participation drives a large creative team in the development of a home that balances a rugged industrial aesthetic with a sense of human comfort.

To view this project, please go to the Portfolio tab and view the Mercer Island III project.

Jim Olson Art in Action Book, 2013

"Pavilion House in Bellevue, Washington"

"At its best, architecture is an extension of us, a framework in which we can live our lives with grace." - Jim Olson

To view this project, please go to the Portfolio tab and view the Newport Shores Waterfront project.

Luxe Magazine Volume XI, Issue 1 / Winter 2013

"Get Smart"

State of the art mechanics and sustainable details bring a Georgian-Style home into the 21st Century. This house is remarkably energy-efficient. It has been awarded LEED Silver certification-think FSC-certified framing materials, high-efficiency HVAC systems and water conversation measure both indoors and outside.

To view this project please go to our Portfolio tab and view the Broadmoor III project.

Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine - October, 2012

"Just Hanging Out"

This home offers a little paradise platform where you look at gardens and you appear to be floating on water.

To view this project please go to our Portfolio tab and view the Newport Shores project.

Luxe Magazine Volume X, Issue III / 2012

"Foreign Exchange"

Built more than 100 years ago as a Queen Anne Revival style home, the residence maintains its traditional charm on the outside and makes way for a contemporary design inside, truly a Crown Jewel.

To view this project please go to our Portfolio tab and view Capitol Hill project.

12th Annual Northwest Design Awards

"Seattle Design Center"

1st Place Winner for Outdoor Living Area.

To view this project, please go to our Portfolio tab, view the Broadmoor I project.

Luxe Magazine Volume IX, Issue 1, 2011

"Home Builder Profile"

Since 1976, there has been one name that stands out among Northwest residential contractors – Toth Construction, Inc.

Luxe Magazine Volume II, Issue 1 / 2009

"Romancing the Stone"

Palatial 14,000 square foot home on the hillside of Meydenbauer Bay with carved stone wrapping the exterior. This estate has all the romantic charm from the Mediterranean.

To view this project please go to our Portfolio tab and view the Bellevue project.

Jim Olson Houses Book, November 2009

"Olson Apartment, Seattle, Washington"

Kitchen and hallway renovation with the addition of a translucent wall enhances the level of illumination throughout the apartment.

Home by Design Magazine - April/May, 2009

"A European Classic on the Lake"


This timeless garden and home make the most of the waterfront location.

To view this project please go to our Portfolio tab and view the Bellevue project.

Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine - May, 2009

"Tuscany West"

Welcome to Tuscany by way of Bellevue. As gracious as it is grand, this lakefront villa offers a warm welcome.

Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine - November, 2008

"A new sunroom and garden add grace to a 1908 Medina Craftsman"

The project involved replacing the old back porch with a sunroom, keeping the feel of an old summer house.

Vogue Magazine - September, 2000

"Sleeveless in Seattle"

Contemporary Downtown Seattle Condominium updated

To view this project please go to our Portfolio tab and view the Downtown Seattle Penthouse project.

This Old House Magazine - October, 2000

"Secrets of a Renovation / Courting the Contractor"

A good contractor is hard to find. How to attract a busy builder's interest and complete your project on time and on budget.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine - August, 1999

"Beautiful Kitchens"

"Recipe for a Colorful Kitchen - Salsa Red and Saucy"